Monday, October 17, 2011

Meredith Corp. Buys Rachael Ray Magazine

On October 12, 2011, Meredith Corporation announced Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine as the newest addition to its super successful media and marketing company.  The award-winning magazine is published 10 times per year and reaches an audience of 7.3 million.

Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine, as well as the glossy’s digital media assets, will join the ranks of other well-known brands, which include Better Homes and Gardens, Parents, More, and Fitness.

"The acquisition of Every Day with Rachael Ray will further extend our leadership and deepen our reach in providing women with best-in-class food content, while offer advertisers multiple avenues to reach them," said Meredith National Media Group President Tom Harty.  "We are excited to add this well-recognized franchise to our strong portfolio of national media brands."

What are your thoughts? Is this a good move for Meredith Corporation?

Grace Gavilanes, Vice President

Friday, July 8, 2011

How Far is Too Far?: British Tabloid Folding Because of Scandal

British tabloid News of the World, the seventh largest circulating paper in the world, will be publishing its final edition on Sunday due to allegations that the publication hacked into cellphone messages in order to get attention grabbing-headlines.

News of the World has been accused of hacking into the phones of missing children, grieving families, celebrities, royals, and politicians in order to gain information for news stories. "If recent allegations are true, that behavior was inhuman and has no place in our company" said James Murdoch, News International chairman.

It does seem to be agreed upon that this is an unethical way to obtain information, but who should be held accountable? The reporters who did the hacking? The editor Rebekah Brooks? Who do you think should be held accountable? And do you think other publications use similar ethically-questionable ways to obtain information?

Let us know what you think. And check-out the full story on msnbc

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Intern Diaries: Make the Most of Slow Days

So, things have been getting a bit slow in the office, which is weird because it just started getting super hectic late last week, but then it calmed down after that. It's not the office in general, though, it's me not having enough to do. I asked around several times if anyone needed anything. They all smiled and said that they were okay. I sat back at my cubicle, thinking of anything that I could start on to make their lives easier (the job of an intern). I scheduled Facebook and Twitter two months in advance (yes, it was that slow that day!) and scheduled blog entries one month in advance. When the day came to an end, my supervisor asked with hopeful eyes if I was doing something productive or helping someone out on the team. I told her what I had done and she looked impressed. See, ladies? It's not about just doing what you're asked to do, but going above and beyond to make their lives easier. That's our job after all. And honestly, I was happy to come up with statuses to describe two months worth of recipes for our Facebook account! :)

--Web Editorial Intern

Intern Diaries is a newly established series on the Ed2010 Hofstra Chapter Blog, which showcases Hofstra students' personal advice and first-hand learning experiences from their magazine internships. If you want to get involved, shoot us an e-mail:   

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Intern Diaries: The Start of Something New

So, I guess I can say I've had plenty of writing experience. I've had virtual internships and written for the school paper, but I've never done an on-site internship. I was excited and really anxious the morning of my first day, hardly eating breakfast and rushing to the subway station to have a couple of free minutes before heading inside the building. My first day went really well! I met five other interns who were all out of state, and eager to form new friendships (we eventually all had lunch at an awesome organic restaurant right by our building!). I met editors and got a tour of where I was going to start interning--I even got a cubicle! I was really excited when I found out about that sweet perk--proud nerd!
I was immediately given tasks that, I'm not going to lie, were tedious. I had to find direct links to products in the print publication to post on the mag's website. Not very exciting, but hey, it gets better! One of the editors called me over and told me she was absolutely overwhelmed with work. She asked me if I could write an entry for her weekly blog. She told me what I had to do and how to research for it, and I started typing away. After sending in my blog post, I officially got my first byline. Although I was ecstatic, I couldn't help but think about something I felt would hinder my growth as an intern at the publication. I felt myself treating every mag employee as a goddess or super superior individual--uhh, not cool. Fellow interns, learn from my experience and awkward moment; despite a mag employee's undeniable "hierarchal" rank, it is not okay for you to develop an alter ego and become little miss perfect (mousy, introverted traits and all). Don't change yourself; just be respectful and don't be afraid to speak up. I did today and my idea at the weekly pitch meeting was embraced, rather than scoffed at. Don't be afraid to be may just get a byline out of it! :)

--Web Editorial Intern

Intern Diaries is a newly established series on the Ed2010 Hofstra Chapter Blog, which showcases Hofstra students' personal advice and first-hand learning experiences from their magazine internships. If you want to get involved, shoot us an e-mail:    

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top 5 Resources for Magazine Media News

So and so got promoted? "X" mag just developed an awesome iPad app? From publishing to editorial and beyond, there is always something new stirring within the magazine universe. Whether it's a shift at a specific title, progress from a powerhouse publisher, or a movement from the entire industry, aspiring magazine mavens must read the news each day to stay in the know. Here, I've compiled my top five resources for relevant media news so you can be as knowledgable as Ed himself:

MB curates links in convenient morning and evening email blasts (subscribe and read ASAP!) as well as host seminars.

Obvi! Check out the business section for relevant media industry updates from pros like Brian Stelter and David Carr.

Jason Fell and other writers dive into the specifics of who is doing what in the magazine biz.

Organized by industry like Magazines&Newspapers and TV&Radio, iwantmedia compiles headlines and ledes for your convenience.

The Magazine Association of America binds all of the glossy publications you know and love together under one affiliation. MPA runs ASME (the American Society of Magazine Editors) and holds events, seminars, and more.

Looking for other helpful links? Check out Ed's links!

Happy New Year!

Gennifer Delman, President

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Why we have too few women leaders

Female empowerment? Yes, it could be considered a hackneyed topic that has been repeatedly professed by many. Despite it being trite however, female empowerment needs to be regularly practiced by women.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg shares a great message in her lecture entitled, "Why we have too few women leaders," that will definitely serve as a beneficial understanding for many women who are actively pursuing their dreams.

Sandberg shares that women inflict subservience upon themselves in the workplace. Sandberg states that women underestimate themselves, and make themselves inferior to men and higher authority. This revelation makes it apparent that we are in control. We have the power to let it cease.

Let's take note and attempt to ban self-doubt and gender hierarchy.

Know and actively exercise your potential, let it manifest itself, and acquire those desires and dreams that you have been coveting.

Here's to higher self-confidence, higher self-esteem, and higher self-worth!

Grace Gavilanes, Vice President

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Power of Partnerships in the Magazine Industry

Marisa Miller graces a cover of FITNESS.
Meredith Corporation's FITNESS magazine announced last Friday a special partnership with Gold's Gym to encourage readers to get in shape in time for the new year. Called the "You Can Do It!" program, the magazine's 7.3 million devoted readers will have an opportunity to receive "an exclusive workout designed by a Gold's Gym celebrity trainer, a 7-day VIP membership to GG and a personal fitness consultation from a personal trainer at the participating GG of their choice," read the official press release.

In a valiant effort to promote exercise and healthy living, this partnership brings into light the concept of joint brand ventures. More than ever, publications are spreading beyond their comfortable spot on the newsstand and infiltrating the marketplace with other well-known entities. Spot any of Time Inc.'s REAL Simple home products at Bed, Bath, and Beyond lately? How about Hachette Filipacchi Media's (eh hem, for now!Elle D├ęcor line at Kohl's? To survive and thrive in this corporate universe, teaming up with other giants is proving to be more and more common. If done correctly, it succeeds at promoting the mag titles you know and love and gives you a chance to experience their mantra (like O, The Oprah Magazine's "Live Your Best Life" or Cosmopolitan's "Fun, Fearless Female") beyond its glossy pages.

Do joint ventures encourage you to read magazines? What do you think about FITNESS' latest endeavor? Weigh in and let us know!

Gennifer Delman, President