Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Intern Diaries: Make the Most of Slow Days

So, things have been getting a bit slow in the office, which is weird because it just started getting super hectic late last week, but then it calmed down after that. It's not the office in general, though, it's me not having enough to do. I asked around several times if anyone needed anything. They all smiled and said that they were okay. I sat back at my cubicle, thinking of anything that I could start on to make their lives easier (the job of an intern). I scheduled Facebook and Twitter two months in advance (yes, it was that slow that day!) and scheduled blog entries one month in advance. When the day came to an end, my supervisor asked with hopeful eyes if I was doing something productive or helping someone out on the team. I told her what I had done and she looked impressed. See, ladies? It's not about just doing what you're asked to do, but going above and beyond to make their lives easier. That's our job after all. And honestly, I was happy to come up with statuses to describe two months worth of recipes for our Facebook account! :)

--Web Editorial Intern

Intern Diaries is a newly established series on the Ed2010 Hofstra Chapter Blog, which showcases Hofstra students' personal advice and first-hand learning experiences from their magazine internships. If you want to get involved, shoot us an e-mail: hofstra.eoc@ed2010.com   

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