Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Intern Diaries: The Start of Something New

So, I guess I can say I've had plenty of writing experience. I've had virtual internships and written for the school paper, but I've never done an on-site internship. I was excited and really anxious the morning of my first day, hardly eating breakfast and rushing to the subway station to have a couple of free minutes before heading inside the building. My first day went really well! I met five other interns who were all out of state, and eager to form new friendships (we eventually all had lunch at an awesome organic restaurant right by our building!). I met editors and got a tour of where I was going to start interning--I even got a cubicle! I was really excited when I found out about that sweet perk--proud nerd!
I was immediately given tasks that, I'm not going to lie, were tedious. I had to find direct links to products in the print publication to post on the mag's website. Not very exciting, but hey, it gets better! One of the editors called me over and told me she was absolutely overwhelmed with work. She asked me if I could write an entry for her weekly blog. She told me what I had to do and how to research for it, and I started typing away. After sending in my blog post, I officially got my first byline. Although I was ecstatic, I couldn't help but think about something I felt would hinder my growth as an intern at the publication. I felt myself treating every mag employee as a goddess or super superior individual--uhh, not cool. Fellow interns, learn from my experience and awkward moment; despite a mag employee's undeniable "hierarchal" rank, it is not okay for you to develop an alter ego and become little miss perfect (mousy, introverted traits and all). Don't change yourself; just be respectful and don't be afraid to speak up. I did today and my idea at the weekly pitch meeting was embraced, rather than scoffed at. Don't be afraid to be may just get a byline out of it! :)

--Web Editorial Intern

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