Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top 5 Resources for Magazine Media News

So and so got promoted? "X" mag just developed an awesome iPad app? From publishing to editorial and beyond, there is always something new stirring within the magazine universe. Whether it's a shift at a specific title, progress from a powerhouse publisher, or a movement from the entire industry, aspiring magazine mavens must read the news each day to stay in the know. Here, I've compiled my top five resources for relevant media news so you can be as knowledgable as Ed himself:

MB curates links in convenient morning and evening email blasts (subscribe and read ASAP!) as well as host seminars.

Obvi! Check out the business section for relevant media industry updates from pros like Brian Stelter and David Carr.

Jason Fell and other writers dive into the specifics of who is doing what in the magazine biz.

Organized by industry like Magazines&Newspapers and TV&Radio, iwantmedia compiles headlines and ledes for your convenience.

The Magazine Association of America binds all of the glossy publications you know and love together under one affiliation. MPA runs ASME (the American Society of Magazine Editors) and holds events, seminars, and more.

Looking for other helpful links? Check out Ed's links!

Happy New Year!

Gennifer Delman, President

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