Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Twilight" Wins Magazine Cover of The Year

Although tweens (and adults-you know who you are) have taken a hiatus from the "Twilight" craze while the last movie is being shot, the "Twilight" phenomenon is still alive and well. Voters have picked the December 2009 issue of Harper's Bazaar as the winner of the American Society of Magazine Editors' and Amazon's annual "Best Cover Contest". The cover, of course, was a shot of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The cover could have won simply because it is a beautiful shot-it really has nothing to do with vampires besides the fact the two main characters are the feature of the cover. I am not personally a "Twilight" fan, but I can not deny that the shot of Pattinson on one knee, kissing Stewart's hand as she stares down at him is very engaging. The statuesque mermaid dress that Stewart is wearing along with her raven hair adds to the shot's cold-beauty. The cover won against twelve other first round winners. Do you think the shot deserves the win? Or is this just another gimmick of the "Twilight" craze?

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